Sound Currency

Currency to the Power of Two brought to you by the technologists at Cerulean Circle

a sound currency using transferable energy
  • non-flationary (inflation/deflation free)
  • a new joules standard (non-speculative)
  • a stable transfer of value (medium of transfer)
  • sustainable, autonomous & secure
  • converts all other money
  • runs on world’s 1st interoperating system

Let's liberate this beautiful planet.

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lifting our fellow humans out of poverty & into autonomous forms of living + working

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subsidizing & sustaining all businesses + markets per a new needs-based, service fulfillment economy

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open source software & logistics infrastructure development as true interoperating systems

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As philosophy is the systematized study of fundamental questions, such as those about existence, reason, knowledge, values, thought, language and spirituality, and as such questions are often posed as problems to be studied or resolved, our philosophy is pillared in whole systems & whole solutions.

It is simply not enough to maximize efficiencies in isolation (the management consultancy model), or to build products that define entire markets (the venture capital model), or to try to innovate in a bureacratic bubble (the multinational corporate model).

More simply put, businesses and organizations must be thought of as diverse/complementary, interdependent and self-sustaining systems if they are to succeed in this next economic paradigm (or a new economy that is not paradigmatic, but rather self-fulfilling).

The requirements are straightforward - open & ever-evolving scientific methods, an adherence to sound economic principles, along with a pragmatic approach to energy transition planning.

Ideologies will never get us to the next phase of thrivable development (or any phase thereof).

Therefore, it is absolutely critical that we test all of our core assumptions against reality.

With this sensibility we then ask: Are we a system or set of systems that can adapt to a natural evolution & if so, what are the conditions for regenerating value + revenue?



The C² Sound Currency is a medium of transfer that functions on a joules standard.

It is completely stable, generates energy without flationary risk & is the only environmentally sustainable currency instrument of its kind, anywhere in the world.

Given a basket of programmable money and sovereign currencies now in development, the C² Sound Currency can be used without dollar or coin denominations and can convert any monetary unit into embodied energy.


Web4/WebNext describes totally unique (and unprecedented) machine-to-machine superkernel-based, full object-oriented, open source programming that enables any web object or physical object with metadata to be integrated with (or to bypass) any other operating system or web environment, on-the-fly. This provides business & economic innovations as an Internet of Autonomously Interoperable Services well beyond blockchains, DLTs, Web3 protocols & even quantum processing/computational methods.


Holonomials simulate post-quantum level cryptography with a holomorphic hashing mechanism as 1-bit succinct binary representations of root primes, symbols & syntax.


The C² Feeder Fund

The C² Feeder Fund has three distinctive qualities in significantly mitigating risk & creating massive efficiency gains:

a) a way of maximizing interoperational/partnership capacities via analytics;
b) a way of understanding real impact at the macro & micro levels of resource stewardship;
c) a way of responsibly managing capital & asset flows, at scale.


Total Planetary Natural Income

As just about anyone knows or can disover on their own, you cannot create energy nor can you destroy it.

However, energy can be converted into an actual utility in the support of all life - from people, to plants, to animals, to natural resources & the biosphere as a whole.

So, there is plenty of energy to go around for everyone, we just don’t convert it & transfer it correctly.

This transfer of captured + embodied energy is what we define as the total natural income of the planet.

It’s a massive amount of radiative solar power!

On this planet the maximum amount of sunlight can be had at the equator on a cloudless day. It is roughly 1 kW/m2 or 1000 Watts per square meter.

So, 7 GWh to the planet, or 2.29 TeraJoules.

It’s time we redistributed the total planetary natural income to help make this world a much better place to live & to work.

C2 Foundation

For years economists and market makers alike have sung the praises of the free markets.

Ideologies aside, how “free” can any market be when the needs of so many people all over the world are never met?

In what kind of a “free society” do we live whereby many people are simply unable to live & work on their own terms?

Whatever fancy descriptors we want to tack on to capitalism (ex: “conscious capitalism”), or whatever investment flavor we wish to apply to a relatively unfree society (ex: “ESG”), the fundamental reality is that more people are seeking basic needs to live & work than ever before.

Between housing, water, food, energy and other natural resources, the majority of people own less & less, while putting in more & more of their labor… That is, when they can actually find work. Crony mercantilism is, and has been, keeping people deprived of access to basic resources.

Real needs are the markets of today. Servicing real needs is how we can provide real utility to all people. How we service those needs & with what level of participation, determines our individual revenues & rewards.

If we can consider that an economy is far more than its transactional parts, then we can start to see the true potentiality of doing well by doing good for others.


C2 Foundation

Similar to technology foundations like Ethereum, The C² Foundation endeavors to foster a new generation of WebNext developers. Ours (as in “yours too”)creates a network based on radical development efficiencies & autonomous security under the mantra of “my data, my control”.

Also unlike other technology foundations, ours is solely focused on creating the necessary MetaStructure for a needs-based economy, whereby the Internet of Autonomously Interoperable Services fulfills on critical needs such as housing, food, energy, water, along with essential business & life development skills.

We'd love to hear from you. The opportunities are endless when we are in service to people & planet.